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Bombdådet i utländsk press

Wanted: Julian Assange


”Han borde mördas”

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Wikileaks grundare Julian Assange är numer efterlyst internationellt. Det är dock inte för några av sajtens avslöjanden som han ställs till svars – det är de påstådda våldtäkterna i Sverige som spökar.

Wikileaks har ännu inte avslöjat några hemligheter om den svenska regeringen. Dock svarade Julian Assange på en fråga under en chatt med Dagens Nyheter i höstas att det skulle komma avslöjanden om ”svenska politiker”.

Det är inte bara Sverige som vill sätta klorna i Assange. Sarah Palin, som aspirerar (?) på presidentposten i USA, tycker att Assange borde jagas som om han vore Bin Laden. Han är ”en anti-amerikan med blod på sina händer” och ”cyber-verktyg” bör användas för att ”permanent avväpna Wikileaks”, fortsatte hon.

”Borde mördas”

Tom Flanagan, rådgivare och strateg till den kanadensiske premiärministern, sa i ett nyhetsprogram i går kväll att Julian Assange ”borde mördas”. Han sa också att Obama borde sätta ett pris på hans huvud, och kanske ”använda en drönare” mot Wikileaksgrundaren.

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En kommentar till “Wanted: Julian Assange”

  1. 2010-12-28

    “ Captain cocksman in blonde land”. Katha Pollitt woffles
    in the Guardian
    She states:- “Maybe it’s true that an ordinary guy, faced with
    similar accusations, would have been allowed to slip away quietly
    once he left Sweden rather than become the subject of an Interpol
    red notice. (Maybe not, though. The 11 Swedes on Interpol’s public
    red list include people wanted for fraud and other non-spectacular
    crimes. Much has been made of the fact that only one of these, an
    alleged child molester, is charged with a sex crime. But the vast
    majority of wanted people are privately listed, so actually there’s
    no way of knowing if Assange’s case is exceptional.)” And:- “In
    fact, Swedish law does distinguish among degrees of rape, with
    Assange being accused on one count of the least grave kind.” So I
    might ask Pollitt – was it mere molestation or did Assange rape the
    two women? The fellow did not call the woman the next day after he
    had consensual sex with her; his condom broke or he had unprotected
    sex with her – which was it?; and – a harassment charge – not a
    direct unequivocal rape charge – well was she raped or wasn’t she?
    – not even the woman is sure; then four days later when the second
    lover calls the first, then Ardin cries – rape ( guess it took her
    a while to figure out if the sex was desired consensual sex or
    not). And to make matters worse he participated in two brief
    affairs – absolutely criminal assault with a friendly weapon. But,
    more seriously Pollitt fails to touch any of the big issues – such
    as when Assange sought to rely on the benefits of the Swedish media
    laws – the CIA threatened to stop sharing secrets with SEPO ( i.e.
    the Swedish Secret Service). Ab initio the CIA did have a direct
    interest. But, the issues don’t simply end there, for there are
    still bigger issues at stake. Ever thought that Afghanistan’s
    pipeline, the revelations of Wikileaks, and the US cosseting of
    President Islam Karimov might simply all be intertwined. Is the US
    setting out to reach Assange via Swedish proceedings, while being
    fully aware of military documents accessed by Wikileaks that expose
    the consistent blind eye turned by the US in its dealings (
    non-dealings or intervention) with the torture, forced labour,
    organised crime and one man and family rule by Karimov in
    Uzbekistan? What would be the implications for the US if it acted
    in a principled way about the extensive abuses in Uzbekistan? Well,
    seems to me it would immediately place in danger a key supply route
    into Afghanistan. Incidentally Sweden had sent troops to
    Afghanistan. Silence please. The sad truth is that it is we the
    people who are the voters and those in high office are – or ought
    to be our honest representatives. The leaks so far have been no
    more than the impressions of the employed diplomats who are hired
    to give such honest opinions as they form them about the country
    and individuals in the countries they have been assigned to. How
    horrendously dangerous for the US Empire when the people start
    reading the truth. The more we know about any dirty dealings in the
    name of the people, the more the people are empowered to stop the
    elected tails from wagging the electoral dog – so press on
    Wikileaks. Who takes Anna Ardin seriously? Did she conspire with
    her friend /lover ( ?) Sofia Wilen to set Assange balls a rolling –
    that is the question. Ardin is the Political Secretary of the
    Swedish Social Democrats. Ardin was connected to the “ladies in
    white” who protest the Castro regime and has ties to anti-Castro
    groups ( supported by the CIA) and she was deported from Cuba for
    reason of subversive activities. Lieutenant Colonel Mattias Ardin,
    Deputy Head of Operations, Swedish Joint Forces Land Component
    Command, cousin and close friend. He works with Nato Operations in
    Afghanistan. Is there any remote probability of a CIA link or
    operation? Would the CIA be smart enough to get a feminist leftist
    to smear Assange …duh…huh? Her blog is called “ 7 steps to legal
    revenge” and step one was to screw Assange. For goodness sake she
    brought the man to Sweden for a conference and a fuck. Then he
    bestows blessings on her friend Sophia as well and she too sets out
    to fuck him. Isn’t the whole affair a load of “poppycock” – sorry –
    double “poppycock” intended to smear Assange upon the flimsiest of
    so-called evidence? At least he has so far not been charged with
    impotence. Top secret – I just figured it out – Assange has a
    weakness for women. So, my legal advice to him is that the next
    feminist Swedish woman he has sex with he proceeds as follows:- A.
    Ask her in a calm voice if she desires to have sex with him, and
    ensure that the hidden recording machine is running. B. Next, ask
    her to write down the words of consent that she just verbally
    agreed to and include in the consent document, the following:- i)
    Names of the persons about to have sex. ii) Protected or
    unprotected sex has to be agreed. iii) The various positions in
    which the sex is permitted. iv) The duration of the sex – with a
    pre-ejaculation clause included. v) Whether the Kama Sutra can at
    any stage of the intercourse be consulted if the sex is not proving
    exciting enough. vi) Finally – what are the expressions of sexual
    satisfaction to be when the two climax – be it a simple ohhhhh – or
    an – ahhhh – or some other pre-approved expression of appreciation.
    C. Never forget to have the consenting Swedish woman sign with the
    words added “ I have signed this document of my own volition,
    without inducement, excitement, anticipation, or any other form of
    seductive invitation from the man with whom I am about to have
    sexual intercourse – and – I have signed because indeed I freely
    want to have sex with this man (insert the man’s name).” Then you
    can have sex and he can then insert his penis into the vagina ( but
    only for the duration that she has pre-signed to). I plan to write
    a play about the whole affair – and it will be called “ Captain
    cocksman in blonde land”.